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Nations Abroad is a well-established global exchange company headquartered in the vibrant cities of Beijing, China and Chicago, USA. Founded in 2009 to address the gaps between developed nations and developing nations and fill the holes that exist between the two regions of our small world. Nations Abroad and its partners are handpicked by our staff to ensure both parties in which we exchange with are of the highest degree of honesty sincerity and morality.

Joseph R. Castillo Bio

Born and raised in Chicago, Joseph Castillo is a founder of Nations Abroad Consulting. Nations Abroad Consulting Ltd. is a consulting, and culture exchange training/staffing company with offices in Beijing, China; Chicago, Illinois; Dallas, Texas; and now Hong Kong based My Globe Trading Ltd. to help Chinese companies and Western Expats assimilate.

Mr. Castillo  believes in equal opportunity and benefit cooperation. We always aim for win-win situations. We will remain by your side from the first day of your application process until the day you return home, because we care for our partners’ wellbeing and satisfaction.

Mr. Castillo has experienced the best and worst of working abroad. Our goal is that the people that come to us experience only the best. We want to help you avoid the potential pitfalls and headaches that can come with working abroad, and enjoy the vast pleasures and opportunities that China has to offer.