Create a Demo Video for a ESL Teacher Position

  1. Introduction
    1. Be friendly with everyone. Smile and be warm with everybody, teachers, parents, kids. Make friends with everybody. Offer help to the teachers around you. The more friends you make the better. You (The teachers will either help or hurt your job chances.)
    2. (To the group do not do individual hellos) Hello, My name is … How are you?


    1. “Stand up”
    2. “Let’s get ready for class”
    3. Do a body warm-up

    i.     Exercises/ Stretches/ Shake your body parts
    ii.     “Shake your body” “Freeze”
    i.     This is optional but good to do one finger play
    ii.     ‘Bubble gum’
    iii.     ‘Five little monkeys sitting in a tree’
    iv.     ‘Johnny works with one hammer’

    Finger play


    1. Sing a song that you know, that has hand motions, and that the kids should know… Such as ‘BINGO’, ‘HEAD AND SHOULDERS’
    2. Even better if can relate to the lesson you will teach

    Intro to the Lesson

    1. Introduce 3-6 words
    2. Try to pick words the children know and maybe 1 or 2 you think they won’t know
    3. Introduce words in different voice pitches (Loud, Quiet, High, Low)
    4. Introduce in a simple sentence structure (I see a …)

    Small Games

    1. PICK 1 or 2


    1. Vanishing Flashcards Game: place a number of flashcards in front of the Ss.  Give them a few moments to memorize the pictures and then mix the cards face down.  Take away one of the flashcards and then ask the Ss What is missing? The first S to guess the missing flashcard can come help you mix the cards for the next round.


    1. Hammer Time! Lay out two flash cards on the floor. Call on one kid, give him a plastic hammer, and have him hit what flash card you say with the hammer. Have him repeat the word after he hits the flash card. For higher difficulty, lay many flash cards on the floor in a large circle and have the child stand inside the circle. Materials needed: Little plastic hammer/ fly swatter/ or just step on the card; Flash cards


    1. Kick It: Tape flash cards to blocks or bottles. Stand them up in a row in front of the Ss. Call Ss one by one to kick the flash card that you say. Then have the class repeat the word in the sentence structure being taught. (I see a …)


    Big Games

    PICK 1

    1. Super Quick Chair Switch. Chairs are placed in a circle, with one less than the amount of students playing. Yell out “SWITCH”. Ss must switch places with another S. Whoever is left standing, must say the vocabulary word presented by the teacher. Then have the class repeat the word in the sentence structure being taught. (I see a …).You may have to physically help children switch for the first couple rounds, until they understand the concept of the game.


    1. Bus Game: Line up the chairs like a bus, with you sitting in the front like a driver. Place flash cards around the room. Sing the ‘Wheels on the Bus Song.’ Tell the Ss “Fasten your seat belts”, “Let’s go”, “Turn Left/right, Go straight, turn around, bump stop.” Be dramatic with motions. Yell “Stop” Pick one student to go get a flash card. Then have the class repeat the word in the sentence structure being taught. (I see a …). Then repeat.



    Go over all the words and sentences that have been taught


    Sing the song sung at the beginning of the class.


    Individually say goodbye to the students and the teacher

    Next Step – Upload your “Demo Video” to Dropbox. Please Click here to learn how to upload your video