Why Teach English In China? Why Now?

Whether known for its vast strides as an economic powerhouse or as a country molded by its elaborate ancient history, China is a fascinating place. You could stay here for decades and barely dent the surface of what hundreds of local minorities and thousands of years have contributed to this culture; in fact, many people do.

That’s the thing-in every visiting student or recent college grad turned English teacher, you’ll find a Brit who’s managed the same corner bar for eleven years, or an American that came on a whim and now has a family with bilingual children. A great benefit to having hosted the 2008 Olympics is that China moved into international consciousness as a great place for foreigners to live and explore. With an exchange rate that even a broke graduate student would crack a smile at, living in China is beyond affordable-sometimes it’s almost ludicrous.Glossy-Button

Not to mention, China’s a living case study of how thriving foreign businesses and a matured national culture can work to coexist, kind of like new gears in an old clock. It’s not just the country as an entirety that is so enticing; it’s the unique flavors of each contributing province, each buzzing city, and each sleepy mountain village surrounded by winding rice terraces. As with any culture that’s undergoing a major transformation, there are times when you’ll find surprises and other times when you’ll find a little taste of home.

That’s part of what’s so exciting. A weekend getaway from Shanghai or Beijing could lead you to a village of people enamored by your Western looks, excitedly prodding their children to pose with you for two, three, or even ten pictures. Then before you know it, one of the children might bashfully recite a lyric from their favorite Michael Jackson song.

The dichotomy is so incredible; it’s almost humorous at times. But yet, as the saying goes, “This is China.” Here, your shock value will certainly be tested, but you’ll be rewarded with a newfound cultural appreciation of a place unlike any other on earth.

Our Partnerships

Nations Abroad has partnerships with a variety of schools around the city of Beijing. Students range in age from two to six years old (we do have some primary school and University positions, but the majority of our schools specialize in Early Childhood Education), and the average class size is around 10-30 students.

All of our schools provide a modern environment with lots of assistance; each class has at least one Chinese assistant who will help you with lesson presentation, translation, clean-up, and general classroom management. Some classrooms have as many as five assistants! As a teacher at one of our partner schools, you will be responsible for teaching basic English vocabulary and sentence structure (think “hamburger” and “I like hamburgers!”) through songs, lessons, and active games. You can use this section of the website to take a look at some of our partner schools and to explore some images of their classrooms.

Competitive Monthly Salaries

Nations Abroad offers its English Teachers with competitive monthly teaching salaries. We at Nations Abroad pay our English Teachers around TWICE as much as any of our competitors. Nations Abroad’s multiple contract options come with varying degrees of benefits and salaries to provide English Teachers in China with flexibility, but ALL Contract Options provide English Teachers with great purchasing power. Our Teachers get to enjoy a comfortable way of life in China

Housing Accommodation

Our foreign teachers who accept a contract that includes housing are provided with housing accommodation close to the school where they work. Apartments are clean, fully-furnished, and modern, with Western-style amenities. All apartments include a bedroom, living space, kitchen, and bathroom. Some living spaces are shared with another foreign teacher, while others receive individual housing. Also included is a refrigerator, laundry machine, TV, cable connection, internet connection, and heating/air conditioning. Imagine the ease and security of being able to move into your apartment as soon as you have completed training in Beijing, helping you to make a smooth transition to life in urban China.

Free Lunch at Your School

Teachers who teach with us in China receive a free lunch at their school. All of our English Teachers are provided with a free lunch by the school. The lunches are nutritious with a mix of meat/tofu, vegetables and rice/noodles and often include soup. These lunches are low in fat and provide good energy for the afternoon classes.

Professional Assistant

Teaching in China can be hard for English Teachers without fluent Chinese Speakers to assist them in many ways. That is why we at Nations Abroad provide Chinese Staff to help Teachers. Our Assistants help teachers do a number of things to help them get integrated into China. Assistants help Teachers to open bank accounts and complete their police registrations (In Beijing all residents have to register their address with the police station). Our assistants help with translation services and communicate on behalf of teachers with our partner schools. They also communicate with landlords and help with other apartment issues, as well as helping to pay bills and go shopping!

Chinese Lessons

Our Teachers can choose from multiple contracts that include 2 Hours of Free Chinese Lessons each week! We know that Foreign Teachers love to learn Chinese. Why wouldn’t anyone want to learn Chinese? It is becoming one of the most important languages in the world. Teaching English with Nations Abroad is a great way to become proficient in Mandarin Chinese!