Some things to remember when packing for China:

To pack for China is to pack for all four seasons at the most extreme. Most people say that China really only has two seasons – Summer and Winter – although there are some time when it is in between those two seasons seem to dominate.

It’s all about LAYERS. Bring items that you can wear with each other when it is cool but also wear separately when it is warm. There are no dryers in China. All is washed and then hung to air dry. You might not wash your clothes as much as you do in the US.

Chinese people typically wear the same outfit for multiple days in a row, which is something you may also need to do. Remember you usually get two full size suitcases 50 pounds each, plus a carry on and a personal item, please check with your airline carrier to see if there are any changes or exceptions. Plan to use all your weight allowance and be smart about what you pack. Please save any and all receipts for checked baggage.

Suggested Packing List: 

• Undergarments (All that you can fit- something not easily purchased here)
• 2 jackets (1 heavy warm one & 1 lighter or dressier jacket)
• 2 Sweatshirts
• 4 Sweaters
• 2 pairs WARM long johns
• 5 long sleeve shirts
• 8 camisoles/undershirts
• 8 short sleeve t-shirts
• 4 pair jeans/pants
• 2 skirts
• 2 dresses
• 2 pair shorts
• 2 pairs warm gloves
• 10 pair warm socks
• 5 pair fun socks (for work)
• 1 pair sneakers
• 1 pair of clean Crocs (for work)
• 1 pair warm winter shoes (i.e Uggs)
• 2 pairs dress shoes (for going out in)
• 2 pairs flip flops
• 2 pairs other shoes (going out shoes)
• 2 scarves (Cheap here)
• 2 hats (Cheap here)
• 3 pair black yoga/athletic pants (for work; suggested: capri cut for summer {ladies} and longer ones 
for winter)
• Slippers
• Going out clothes (for restaurants, events, Church)
• Leggings
• Work out clothes (if you plan on exercising) 
Medicines are easy to come by – they just may not be Some things to remember when packing for China:
• Lots of deodorant (to last you; they are EXPENSIVE in China)
• Tampons with applicators (ladies – NOT sold here)
• Your favorite face wash (to last you; they are EXPENSIVE in China)
• Q-tips
• Styling products (such as mousse)
• Lotion (not very good quality in China)
• Cosmetics (to last you; they are EXPENSIVE in China)
• Vitamins (to last you; they are EXPENSIVE in China)
• Probiotics (to help your digestive system adjust; “Pearls” from GNC are suggested because they do 
not have to be refrigerated)
• Tums/Antacids
• Tylenol/Motrin/Advil, etc.
• Cold/Cough Medicine/Decongestant (some western drugs aren’t easily available) 
Additional Items
• Calendar
• Sunglasses
• Camera
• Fitted sheet(s)
• Manicure set
• Ponytail holders
• Ear buds (for Skyping during breaks at work)
• Alarm clock (can also use American cell phone with no connection)
• Your favorite music on CD or Ipod
• American snacks (i.e. Kraft mac & cheese, favorite candy)
• A good Mandarin-English pocket guide (Lonely Planet makes a good small guide)
• A towel (for the first night if needed)
• Necessary power cords 
Things you DON’T need to pack
• Shampoo/Conditioner (Unless you are REALLY picky, a few American brands are available over here)
• Blow dryer (buy one here and you won’t have to worry about burning yours out)
• Toothbrush/toothpaste

Additional Notes and Suggestions
No need for TONS of fancy converter(s) (many American items plugs in directly here as long as it doesn’t have the third grounding prong)
Washers in China can be hard on clothing so keep that in mind when packing – they may get worn out over the year.
Any money brought from the US should be converted at bank rather than at the airport where the conversion cost is much less.
Beds in China are rather hard and flat – if you feel they are too uncomfortable consider investing in a mattress pad when you arrive.